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  1. Heather and her mom have the most charming antique store in the tiny hamlet of historical Fallsington. What they have to offer are unique, one-of-a-kind pieces for reasonable cost. The cozy, friendly atmosphere, and the scrumptious decor keeps us quirky shoppers returning for more, more, more… It’s like stepping back into those great child hood memories when you see the array of penny candy kept fresh behind a glass showcase.
    You can’t help but want to spend hours in their tiny mercantile which is chock full of functional and creative handmade items, as well as antiques. AND when viewing the 1930’s or ’40’s books, post cards and magazines, I generally plop myself down on their homey, warm, ‘creaky’ wood floor, and before I know it, a well spent hour has gone by… The lovingly cared for, persnickety selections of their antique furnishings, jewelry, lace edged linens and accessories are fascinating to see. AND, Heather and her mom are always there to answer all your questions about the usage of any of their ‘years-gone-by’ pieces.
    Visiting Fallsington Antique & Craft, is like going to visit friends. It’s the very FIRST place my daughter insists we shop when she is visiting me from Va. Beach, Va. I HIGHLY recommend taking a few hours of your day to open a door onto another time, and a friendly face. I guarantee you will leave with a purchase carefully wrapped and a smile on your face.
    Gerry Baca Anzalone